What is an N.I.E?

Foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, are related to Spain, will be endowed, for identification purposes, with a personal, unique and exclusive number of a sequential nature.

The personal number will be the foreigner's identifier, which must appear on all the documents issued or processed, as well as the proceedings stamped on his identity card or passport.

What do I need an N.I.E for?

N.I.E is a legal requirement prior to:

  • Working in Spain

  • Buying a property in Spain

  • Buying a car in Spain

  • Obtaining a mortgage

  • Opening a Spanish bank account

  • And sometimes for renting a property (long-term) in Spain

  • And more...

Why should I use HAD Rentals to apply for my N.I.E?

We are based and live in Spain for over 12 years now and we will be able to assist you with everything you need to apply for your N.I.E. We will:

  • Book the appointment at your assigned Police Station (that's where N.I.E is issued)

  • Help you complete the complex application form

  • Arrange payment of the government fees 

  •  And most importantly, we will also accompany you to the Police station and translate everything for you, so that you can make sure that you have understood everything and this will avoid you many possible problems in the future

We also offer the most competitive price in the area for this service, contact us now filling the below contact form or give us a call on 0034 602 08 84 66



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